Our first show of 2009!

In Gregory Morss' work, fields of color, both subtle and intense, are arenas where design elements—circles, lines, squares— combine, compete and collide in a dynamic balance.

Some paintings are subtle, yet richly textured, monotonal dreamscapes dominated by closed circles perhaps symbolic of perfection and completion...serenity. Others are intensely saturated, rainbow-hued designs in which asymmetrical elements attain a balance that is never static....like acrobats juggling while on a tightrope.



“Une Vu”



If you put Rothko, Mondrian, Hoffman, Barnett Newman, Ad Reinhard and Jasper Johns in a blender you would have some idea of his work, but only an idea.

Greg Morss is his own man. Where he goes from here, artistically, we can only guess. It's up to him.

“Cirque Trois”

“Cirque LaVie”

To see more artwork by Gregory Morss, visit his website at www.gregorymorss.com


“Still Here”