Nicole Vismara's show 'Narratives' will be at Gallery 14 beginning July 11.
Santa Monica, by Nicole Vismara
“Santa Monica”

Nicole Vismara paints scenes from her own life and from the lives of strangers. Most are based on photographs. Often closeups, these paintings are excerpts from the work in progress that is life.

Every picture tells a story (don't it? as the song says) but the beginnings and endings are not disclosed. What we are given are middles; tableaux which are single frames from a film which continues to unspool from the reality projector.

Close, by Nicole Vismara“Close”

Color is important to Nicole, as is composition. She draws inspiration from masters past and present.

A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, she is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Art History at the University of Lyon, France.

Join Nicole as she shares with us the fragmented autobiography that is “Narratives.”

Organic, by Nicole Vismara
Lipstick, by Nicole Vismara
Inflation, by Nicole Vismara
Butcher, by Nicole Vismara
Hurricane, by Nicole Vismara
The Three Graces, by Nicole Vismara
Les Trois Graces
Freeway, by Nicole Vismara

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